11 years. 4 babes. 2 perfect proposals. 1 rollercoaster marriage. This relationship has been a wild as fuck ride and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. We've literally grown up together, from babies in our early 20s to almost adults in our early 30s. I was a ready made family with my little Lala and he was the ultimate party dude, hot as hell and hell bent on only seeing me as a friend to begin with. We've had so many times, so many hilarious times, and so many shit times. I've left him, and he's left me. We've had rip roaring fights and mild disagreements. Somehow, we've always come back together. It's not easy sometimes, but it's always worth it. This dude knows me to the depths of my soul. And I love him forever. I definitely don't share how much I appreciate him often enough, and all the ways he loves me. Like the fact he won't give me shit for ordering pizza instead of going shopping for proper food, or how he'll most definitely feed us all tonight because I'm down and out with a migraine yet again. Even the fact that he'll be exhausted but still come and kiss and cuddle me when I tell him I need to be loved. I'm excited for the next decade though, because the deep, abiding love I feel for him grows every day. He's helped me heal, I've watched him grow and together we have this amazing life that is chaotic and just fucking perfect for us. I'm totally going to smoosh him with love when he gets home this afternoon. . 📸 : @sashihessonphoto #love #marriage #familylife #mumlife #consciouswhatevercauseweretotallyjustwingingit #leovenus